When partnering with British Society Staffing to staff your home, our goal is to provide candidates who can truly exceed your expectations. This is essential when hiring a personal estate manager for your Florida home. An estate manager runs household operations seamlessly. From conducting maintenance and supervising staff to managing estate projects, estate management positions may take on an authoritative role in your home. Finding the right individual whom you connect with and trust is essential. At British Society Staffing, our staff comes fully trained with past experience in their designated position. Trust our team to fill your personal estate manager role in Florida with confidence.

Estate Manager Role in Your Home 

One of the most important tasks in hiring any domestic staff is formulating your expectations for the position. Having clear duties in mind will make the transition—whether you’ve had staff in the position in the past or not–smooth. Responsibilities may range from managing estate staff, computer, or accounting skills, to general household tasks. Specific examples of duties of a personal estate manager in Florida may include the following:

Staff Management 

Managing staff may include everything from hiring and training to daily supervision. This may include supervising resident staff or coordinating contractors and service providers as needed. 

Household Management 

Your Florida-based personal estate manager may oversee a single home or several properties, depending on your needs. For each property, their responsibilities may include handling general maintenance and security measures. In some cases, you may hand the responsibility of event planning and coordination at your home to your estate manager.

Personal Assistance 

Although estate managers are not personal assistants, some tasks revolving around your home may overlap. Orchestrating and organizing your calendar, household accounting and bookkeeping, and arranging travel plans may fall under your estate managers duties. 

Annual salary range: $160,000 to $350,000+