Domestic Couple

For many families, the ideal residential staffing position includes hiring a Florida-based domestic couple for their home. Domestic couples, or household couples, take on various roles in the home. Duties generally include a mixture of indoor and outdoor maintenance and management. These activities encompass many traditional estate staff positions, such as estate manager, housekeeper, groundskeeper, and cook. In most scenarios, the couple takes up residence within the estate or home they manage. For clients wishing to hire a couple for a secondary residence, this creates added security and peace, knowing their home is looked after in their absence.

Domestic Couple Role Responsibilities 

Duties for the domestic couple position are often clearly split between the two individuals. Creating a distinction between tasks is as rigid or as flexible as what fits the needs of individual clients and applicants. However, there is a general outline of how duties are split. One set of tasks may encompass groundskeeping, general household repair and maintenance, and automobile care. This individual may also act as a driver from time to time. The second set of tasks may include chef responsibilities, cleaning, shopping, and taking care of laundry. Of course, the specific tasks are customizable to your needs. 

Why Choose British Society Staffing? 

Whether you’re considering a domestic couple in Florida for your primary or secondary residence, British Society Staffing has qualified applicants for the role. We take staff placement very seriously. With a background working with large-scale domestic staffing agencies, we bring success skills into a more personal, boutique placement process. For all domestic couple placements in Florida, our goal is to make the right connection between client and couple. We spend time getting to know both sides in order to make wise connections that fit the expectations of everyone involved. Our methodology has shown great success in making meaningful staffing placement.

Annual salary range: $150,000 to $250,000+