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Kevin Hall<br /> Founder of British Society Staffing

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Kevin Hall

Founder of British Society Staffing
Estate management has been a lifelong pursuit for Kevin. He first served as a Personal Administrator and Aide in the British Royal Air Force and subsequently as a respected Estate Manager for 30 years. Such inside knowledge provides a unique perspective to clients and candidates alike.

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We are a boutique agency with large agency experience. We’ve seen the way large agencies work. Because we do not operate from a database of thousands upon thousands of unknown names, we can be highly selective with the candidates we place. Not only do we individually vet each applicant, we know all of our candidates and clients personally. We believe this builds trust and ultimately a perfect match.

Your placement will only be handled by an experienced, single point of contact. This level of direct, one-on-one service eliminates the need to reiterate your search criteria again and again seamlessly driving the matching process without wasting your time.

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