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Kevin Hall

Founder of British Society Staffing
Estate management has been a lifelong pursuit for Kevin. He first served as a Personal Administrator and Aide in the British Royal Air Force and subsequently as a respected Estate Manager for 30 years. Such inside knowledge provides a unique perspective to clients and candidates alike.

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We are a domestic staffing agency serving Austin, Texas. British Society Staffing is a boutique agency that does not work off of a directory of unknown names, we are highly discerning with the candidates we place in Austin, Texas. Not only do we individually evaluate each applicant, we often know our candidates and clients personally. We believe this builds trust and ultimately a perfect match for our clients in Austin, Texas. Your domestic placement in Austin, Texas will be handled by an experienced, single point of contact. This personal service eliminates the need to recap your parameters numerous times. Our goal is to save our clients in Austin, Texas time with the proper understanding of the need and the wisdom to create a successful foundation to facilitate a long-term solution.

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