Not too long ago, if you thought about West Palm Beach, you often thought about a place most people go to wind down: an oasis to live out the dream retirement with an abundance of sun, sand, golf, and leisure. Lately, however, things seem to have taken a complete 180 as West Palm Beach is attracting flocks of entrepreneurs to launch their careers and companies rather than winding them down.

Local investors and incentives offered by the local government are helping to make West Palm Beach a hub for tech startups, and it seems to be working! In fact, Florida is currently ranked fourth among states with the highest number of technology companies. The commercial real estate scene has seen a rise in technology, advertising, media and information business companies over the last several years and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. It’s no surprise that the attractive West Palm Beach lifestyle combined with sunny weather and a beautiful landscape make attracting talented professionals from all over such a breeze.

The real focus for a lot of these tech companies has been health care. Florida is one of the top ten states for healthcare professionals and West Palm Beach, in particular, has been named one of the nation’s top cities for healthcare. West Palm Beach and the surrounding metropolitan areas of Southern Florida continue to serve as ideal destinations for retirees, causing a high demand for quality medical care. Because of this demand, doctors and patients are constantly seeking new methods to simplify and enhance the patient experience: from access to records to quality of service and everything in between.

With the population of busy professionals growing in the West Palm Beach area, so will the demand for private staff. Personal Assistants are particularly needed to manage everything from overseeing meeting logistics, calendaring errands and making travel arrangements. Full Charge Housekeepers will be needed to assist with keeping homes organized and tidy, caring for pets and preparing simple meals. And, of course, a Property or Estate Manager would be perfect to manage all aspects of the smart home of a tech junkie.

We’re very excited to see West Palm Beach and the surrounding area continue to grow into a thriving technology hub and learn about all the great ideas, products and services the area will have to offer!