$100K-$120K DOE

Aspen House Manager

Position Title: House Manager

  • Reports To: CEO
  • Salary: $100,00 – $120,00 Annually
  • Benefits: Health, Dental, Vision Insurance Policy | 3% Match to Simple IRA | 10 Days P.T.O.

Employee Housing | Company Vehicle | Cellphone Subsidy

This newly restructured position of House Manager (HM) is the first responsive and responsible personnel of the Aspen properties within the portfolio.  You will be required to successfully monitor and maintain the operation of all systems and facets of properties.  The HM will act as the leader, direct representative, and extension of the residents as it pertains to the properties.  You will be responsible for the satisfaction of all lifestyle and personal items and requests while the principals are in Aspen or directed to do so.  Working in close conjunction with the CEO to coordinate tasks and supervise other team members by facilitating their needs to ensure efficiency and success.


  • Minimum 5 years of personal property management experience is required
  • Minimum 3 years of Aspen Community experience preferred
  • Hospitality/Service industry experience is preferred
  • Fluent English language is required, and Spanish is a benefit


  • Direct supervisor for all team members throughout the portfolio in Aspen. The HM is the direct point of contact for these team members and will be responsible for setting schedules and priorities and verification of performance.
  • Responsible for the opening and securing of all properties. This includes perimeter and buildings.  Ensure protocols are followed for when principals, guests, tenants are present and when properties are vacant.
  • Successfully execute all pre-arrival and post-departure procedures.
  • Perform routine inspections and walkthroughs to properly identify any new or potential issues.
  • Assist principals with various personal requests while always being aware and cognizant of individual schedules.
  • Act as personal driver for principals as requested and needed throughout stays. Possess a current driver’s license and clean and safe driving record.
  • Assist with the care, exercise, and feedings of any pets on property. Be available and capable to care for pets for designated periods of time.
  • Manage and maintain all MEP, A/V, and IT systems. Work with respective contractors and consultants as it pertains to each system.  These include Lutron, Savant, radiant heat, security, etc.
  • Ensure the operation and presentation of all outdoor facilities and furniture are maintained.
  • Supervise and facilitate for any scheduled contractor/vendor service calls. Communicate closely with CEO for critical decision making.
  • Inspect and maintain expected readiness for all vehicles on property. This includes the fueled and charged status of electric and gas vehicles.
  • Maintain the operation and presentation of pool and spa is to the expected level of standards. Work closely with third-party vendor on chemical and system maintenance.
  • Inventory control. Track and maintain an appropriate back stock of supplies, dry goods, and non-perishables.  Ensure grocery list is satisfied in pre-arrival and monitor use and replenish when needed.
  • Ability to generate clear and concise reporting to the CEO. Whether being a daily or weekly recap or update on a contractor service call.  Email communication must be well organized and executed in a timely manner.
  • Efficient computer and software skills will be required.
  • Retain the level of attention to detail to properly identify issues that need to be rectified without direction.
  • Responsible for all pet care while principals are in residence and away and pet(s) left in Aspen. Must love dogs.
  • A clean and presentable attire and personal appearance which is outlined in employee handbook is always required while on property or in representation of principals.
  • The position requires that the individual can adapt to an evolving responsibility outline as we all wear “multiple hats” within the organization. Strong teamworking skills will be needed to ensure cohesiveness within the team.

To apply for this job email your details to kevin@britishsocietystaffing.com