You’ve spent months, years, maybe even a lifetime creating the home you want.  Or maybe you’re early on in the process, imagining the dream life you hope to create.  If you think of your home life as a business, you realize it takes just as much time and effort to build the workings of your daily life as it takes to build a company or a career.


You sense that keeping your day-to-day living running as you’ve dreamed it requires help.  Before you begin your search and before we jump into the “what” kind of help you need and “who” should fill that role, ask yourself the important question of “why” you need the help.  As in business building, careful planning minimizes the pitfalls, reduces the liabilities, streamlines the process and can help ensure success.


No Two Homes and the Lives They Shelter are Alike. 


Understanding the needs, realities and visions for your home are pivotal in making your home staffing decisions.


Do you:

  • Entertain regularly?
  • Travel frequently
  • Have children? Are they young, teenage or adult and living at home?
  • Require seclusion and privacy?
  • Crave relaxation?
  • Use your home for work as well as social purposes?


Answering these questions may well help us target your need for a butler vs. an estate manager, a nanny vs. a personal chef or multiple staff to serve different functions.  We want to make the exact right placements, avoiding false starts and the something need to try and try again.  The answers will also help determine live-in, full-time or part-time and if you need services every day, every week or maybe just during certain seasons.


A thorough understanding of the “why” you need help can not only save you endless effort, time and money, it is the key to getting your home staffing right the first time and for the long term.