Communication is vital when it comes to domestic service. Many of the candidates that I work with do not speak English as their primary language. Subsequently, it’s imperative that the client and staffing counselor create a job description that both parties can review and sign off on. Important details like start time, health insurance, rules inside the home, vacation policy, and how they will be paid all need to be confirmed before day one.

When someone starts a new position, it’s always sad to later find out that they left because they had not discussed a portion of the job that should’ve been clarified in a simple job description. If either the client or candidate has any upfront questions – which there inevitably will be – they need to be ironed out in the beginning.

We’re all interested in long-term placements. Therefore, it’s important that both the client and candidate participate in the creation of a proper job description. It may be more time consuming at the start, but for the most part, it’ll lead to a much better result.

The place where I find communications break down the most is in the negotiation of salary. There are often many questions that revolve around salary. How will the client pay? What’s the hourly rate? Will they pay overtime? Will the client pay health insurance? What will the vacation policy look like? Will the client give extra time off if the candidate works extra days? All these things need to be clarified as early as possible because candidates that have worked in other homes may have had a different approach to payroll and benefits, and it’s important to set objectives and rules when it comes to how someone will be paid. Too many times people will take a job, not be happy with the payroll set-up, and leave a few weeks later. This is a big time waster for all involved and can certainly be avoided if everything is laid out. Many clients have an issue with what seems to be a very confusing and time wasting exercise of getting their candidate(s) set-up on a payroll.

There are many services that can take care of the payroll process for you and help eliminate any confusion or worries. Taxes are taken out and there is no confusion on the candidate’s end regarding how and when they’ll be paid. This way everyone is paid on the books through payroll services and everything is on the up and up.