A clean house is a happy house. I have three kids, a dog, and chaos – and the one thing my wife looks forward to most each Saturday (right after our Housekeeper comes and works her magic) is a clean, organized, and fresh home. Why is it that we love a clean house? Besides the obvious, maybe it’s the chance for a new start and for endless opportunities to flow through the clean mud room! Many people find their identities through their home – which is kind of sad, but I get it. Your home is a representation of you, and an untidy home might signal that the family’s also a mess. This, of course, is not true, but the home is an extension of the owner that can certainly be judged.

So a clean house is important – it’s one thing that you can control and that is nice. Knowing your home is organized and clutter-free allows you to focus on other important things like your children or your dog or what’s for dinner. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the art of cleaning. In my attempt to clean our home recently, I confirmed that I’m just not good at it. Hence, it takes me twice as long to do a crappy job.

I have the honor to interview many Housekeepers and always appreciate those who have a passion for cleaning. Housekeeping is a noble position, one which deserves great respect and gratitude for the amount of time it saves those who can afford to hire one. I really want to make a point of emphasizing how important it is to treat Housekeepers with the respect they deserve. It is an honorable skill and tremendous talent to be able to whiz through a home and clean it with precision and detail.

That being said, here are 10 tricks to keep your home clean (summarized from an article by Jessi Probus on BuzzFeed):

1. Tackle the three T’s: televison, toilets and tabletops
2. Clean the first place your guests will see
3. Guest-proof your bathroom
4. Clean the clutter
5. Switch the linens
6. Get rid of pet hair
7. Do the dishes
8. Spray a freshener
9. Lighten the mood with clean windows or candles
10. Draw attention away from the messy or less desirable places in your home

Take a tip from me…let a real pro do the job for you. You won’t regret it.

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